21st May 2012
New Blog

New Blog

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I have a new blog. Check out www.journeyofadreamer.com for new updates. Thanks! Tweet

20th Apr 2012

Rest, Bloggy Boot Camp, & InstaFriday

Every friend, without fail, I get Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” stuck in my head (Now I know it’s in yours too… sing with me… “It’s Friiiday Friiiday…”) Anyway, this week...

19th Apr 2012
Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party!

I’ve been linking up with 5MinutesForMom.com for awhile now on the Wordless Wednesday posts, so when I saw they were hosting The Ultimate Blog Party I was in! It is...

18th Apr 2012
Wordless Wednesday #7

Wordless Wednesday #7

630am walk/jog with the pup while sporting this weekend’s race shirt. Linking up at Project Alicia, Wordless Wednesday HQ, and 5 Minutes For Mom. Tweet

16th Apr 2012
GO! STL Half Marathon Recap

GO! STL Half Marathon Recap

I did it! I finished. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how this race was gonna go. I obviously felt unprepared. I really hadn’t trained as much as I should have....

13th Apr 2012


Happy Friday!! This week went by way too fast. It probably feels like that because I have been SO anxious for this weekend (its my half-marathon that I feel unprepared...

12th Apr 2012

Unprepared {slight freak out}

Unprepared. That is pretty much how I feel. I haven’t had a run over 8 miles since my marathon attempt, but I’m running the GO! STL Half-Marathon on Sunday with...

11th Apr 2012
Toddler + Self facing iPhone Camera {wordless wednesday}

Toddler + Self facing iPhone Camera {wordless wednesday}

oh the things we’ll do to keep a 2 year old entertained while trying to open a bank account. {this isn’t even all the ones she took. ha} Linking up...

09th Apr 2012
squat rack

New Rules of Lifting for Women – Stage 1

Happy Monday! After a 3 day weekend I wasn’t totally depressed when Monday came around! I even got up early and went to the gym to do my New Rules...

06th Apr 2012


Happy Good Friday! I hope you spend a little time today reflecting on the sacrifice that Jesus made so we could live in freedom. This week was actually pretty good as a...