16th Apr 2012
GO! STL Half Marathon Recap

GO! STL Half Marathon Recap

I did it! I¬†finished. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how this race was gonna go. I obviously felt unprepared. I really hadn’t trained as much as I should have....

05th Apr 2012

WDW Marathon Recap {lessons learned from a DNF}

{you can read about the expo/pre-race activities here and read the race recap here} I did not finish. I DID NOT finish. I DID NOT FINISH. Man, that’s a tough...

02nd Apr 2012

WDW Marathon Recap {race day}

{Read about the expo and pre-race day activities here.} Sunday, January 8, 2012. It was here! I didn’t sleep well at all. My stomach was in knots from the nerves....

02nd Apr 2012

WDW Marathon Recap {The Expo/Pre-Race Day}

So, it’s been 3 months… It seems like forever ago, but it seems like yesterday at the same time. I’ve went through the day in my head a million times....

29th Mar 2012
It’s all mental. {and a Team Living Water Update}

It’s all mental. {and a Team Living Water Update}

Goodness, is it Thursday already? I feel like my days kinda melt together during the week. Especially this week (although I could probably say that about every week). With the...

19th Mar 2012

Granbury Road Race 5k Recap

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine went by far too fast. I was so looking forward to this weekend not because it was St Patricks day, but because I...

15th Mar 2012
Make it Work!

Make it Work!

The family and I have been spending some time in Texas, and I absolutely love it. There is just something about Texas that begs me to come live here. We...

13th Mar 2012

Team Living Water Tuesday: 4 Miles

Daylight savings time has messed up my training schedule! I had just started getting up early so that I could get my run in before the day started. Which normally...

06th Mar 2012

Team Living Water Tuesday

Have you ever been thirsty? You know that feeling of thirst that doesn’t go away? What if you couldn’t just go to the fridge or the faucet and get water?...

03rd Jan 2012
Reality is Setting In….

Reality is Setting In….

I can hardly believe it’s really here. No, not 2012… but the week of my first marathon! I feel like I didn’t really expect it to actually happen when I...