There are so many random thoughts buzzing around in my head. I’ve been quite introspective lately. I love writing because it gives me a way to try to articulate the mess of thoughts, and to be honest, my thoughts usually make more sense to me after I write them down. Sometimes when I just sit and try to think and sort through my thoughts they just sound like noise. I crave those days when I used to just go sit at a coffee shop, listen to music and write about what is really on my heart. In those moments, when i am able to disconnect from the mundane everyday for just a few moments the cluster of activity in my brain isn’t just noise… It becomes a beautiful melody. I am working on making those occurrences more frequent. Along with that comes some new dreams and ideas for the future. When I take the time to dream it makes me so excited about life. It also helps show me what I am passionate about, which helps me decide what I need to make a priority in my life and what I can cut out. I’m still working on that one.

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I’m working on making life happen for me instead of letting life happen to me. It’s been a whole new season of life since I started working basically full time from home a few months ago. There is a new normal and I don’t know that I’ve actually become accustomed to it yet. I figure just when I do something will change. It’s just been another crazy adventure here in norman-land. I have several other updates to share but I’m going to leave you with random iPhone pictures instead (mostly of Payton because shes too cute to keep to myself) … Ciao!






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